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Erwin Vet Michael Lathrop is New Exec Chef at Acre

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After spending nearly 20 years working alongside Erwin Drechsler at restaurants like Erwin and Metropolis, Michael Lathrop found himself out of a job when Drechsler announced he was closing Erwin. After sourcing through his network, which includes friend Paul Kahan, Lathrop found out (via Tony Mantuano) that Acre needed a new chef.

The Andersonville restaurant was looking for a replacement for its longtime chef, Carlos Ysaguirre, who had moved to Austin to open a new spot. The matchup was seamless. "Acre is not too far in style from Erwin," Lathrop said in a statement.

The new chef will use his farm-to-table experience and pair that with the butchering and beer program at Acre to take his skill set to the next level. "I feel very fortunate to have had the tremendous experience at Erwin and now a supportive, new employer at Acre," he added. "My goal is to keep the high standards that he has set and move on from there."
· Erwin Cafe Closing July 1 [~EChi~]

[Photo: Mike Lathrop]


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