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Table, Donkey and Stick Begins Chef Pop-ups Next Week

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Just last week Shin Thompson and general manager Matt Sussman announced a new concept for the former Bonsoiree space. The vision was to open a restaurant called Table, Donkey and Stick, inspired by food around the Alps. The restaurant will open sometime in December.

As for the chef? Well, that will be decided in a series of pop-up dinners, which will begin next week. On Nov. 5, chef Jon Keeley (former sous chef, Bonsoiree) will serve his interpretation of the food and on November 8, chef Scott Manley (most recently of El Ideas) will have his turn.

Although both chefs have creative freedom for their menus, there are a few stipulations they must abide by:

·Dinners must include a bread service with rillettes
·The tasting menu must include at least three courses (not including bread service)
·The menu must in some way reflect the culinary traditions of the Alps
·The ingredients used by the chefs must cost no more than $750, not including staples that will be available in the kitchen
·Chefs will have all day to prepare for service and the opportunity to do advance
preparation on one day of the same week
·Chefs may bring one assistant cook on the day of service, who will be compensated
·Shin Thompson will serve as sous chef

Although tickets sold out lightening quick (they just went on sale today), they are holding a few back for their Facebook fans. Tickets are $15 per person with half of the cost going to the chef's charity of choice. Videos of each dinner will be aired on Grub Street Chicago. Stay tuned for more dates and chefs to be announced in the coming weeks.
· Shin Thompson Opening Table, Donkey and Stick [~EChi~]
· Table, Donkey and Stick [Facebook]

Scott Manley [Photo: Aloka Penmetcha/Flickr]

Table, Donkey and Stick

2728 W Armitage, Chicago, IL