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Smoke Daddy to Expand, Double in Size, Add Brunch

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After serving the Wicker Park community barbecue for nearly 20 years, the Smoke Daddy is undergoing some changes. No, the restaurant isn't changing ownership, which it has a few times over the years, but it's about to get bigger. Smoke Daddy is currently expanding and doubling in size.

The owners are knocking out the west wall that sits alongside the small parking lot where the patio used to be. The original dining room will remain open during the construction, which will add 65 seats, bringing total capacity to 120 on the floor. The new wraparound bar will add another 15 bar seats and a new garage door will add access to an outdoor space. Smoke Daddy will enclose the "Lil Red Smoker" room in glass to show off the action and new private party areas will also be added.

The decor in the new addition will more or less look like the original room with plenty of framed photos and a somewhat honky tonk-meets-diner vibe. The kitchen will get bigger and Smoke Daddy will add a few more bathrooms.

And when the space is completed, likely in early January, the restaurant will introduce a Southern-style brunch with items like biscuits and gravy, cheesy grits and more. And you can bet there will be some dishes with pulled pork and bloody marys with their mix because otherwise what's the point of having brunch at Smoke Daddy?
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The Smoke Daddy

1804 W. Division, Chicago, IL