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Antique Taco Launches Guest Chef Series for Charity

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This Saturday a new taco will make its way onto the menu at Antique Taco, and this time it will be created by Bill Kim. Yes, that Bill Kim. Similar to the successful chef charity wraps at Falafill, Antique Taco will launch a guest chef taco series with a new chef creating a taco each month for their charity of choice. First up is Kim with his "Taco Belly" tacos; shrimp tacos with red thai curry sauce and asian cole slaw. The tacos will cost eight dollars for a pair of tacos, and two dollars from each sale will benefit Common Threads, Kim's charity of choice.

Eater spoke with co-owner Ashley Ortiz, who along with her husband and co-owner Rick Ortiz, decided to start the series with Bill Kim, because "he has been a mentor to them through the whole opening process." Given that Kim and wife Yvonne Cadiz-Kim are also a husband and wife team, they have been able to offer insight to the pair, so Ashley Ortiz thought, "what chef would be better to start out with."

Kim's tacos will run for a month, and next on tap will be Giuseppe Tentori (GT Fish & Oyster). Ryan LaRoche, from NoMi Kitchen is also slated to participate.

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