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Shin Thompson Opening Table, Donkey and Stick

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It was just a few weeks ago that Beverly Kim and Johnny Clark announced they were mutually parting ways with partner Shin Thompson at Bonsoiree. At the time it was unknown whether the restaurant would reopen as a new concept or close for good. Now, Grub Street is reporting that Thompson and general manager Matt Sussman have teamed up to turn the space into a new spot called Table, Donkey and Stick, and plan to open in December. The name is inspired by a Brothers Grimm tale while the food will be influenced by the inns that reside in the Alps from southern France into Switzerland and Italy.

Sussman tells Grub Street one of the reasons for the Alpines inn concept is that they "cover a wide swath of the culinary traditions of Southern Europe ? it's simple, honest food," adding that the menu will include sausages, charcuterie and bread. As for who will lead the kitchen, the two have an interesting plan for selecting a chef: prospective candidates will each get one night to serve a pop-up dinner at the restaurant.

"We thought, since we already have the restaurant, it would be more interesting to let the public try it and see what they think of the food, too," Sussman said. The prices will be kept low because of the experimental nature, with 50% of the proceeds going to a charity of the chef's choice. Thompson says they'll hand out comment cards for feedback and "pay attention to how the public reacts." Check out the video at Grub Street to hear Thompson and Sussman explain the concept.
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Shin Thompson [Photo: Antoinette Bruno]


2728 West Armitage Avenue, Chicago, IL 60647

Table, Donkey and Stick

2728 W. Armitage, Chicago, IL