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Loyola Fave Hamilton's Bar Closing After Nearly 80 Years

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After nearly 80 years serving the Edgewater community, Hamilton's Bar & Grill will close later this month, according to Edgeville Buzz. The bar, a favorite hang for Loyola students, posted a note on its website and Facebook wall announcing the closure, which will happen on Oct. 27.

No explanation was given as to why it would close after so long, but one Facebook poster claims Loyola bought the building with "the intent of not having a bar there." Since the bar is currently closed, Eater wasn't able to get a confirmed reason.

Many Hamilton's fans have posted notes of displeasure or disbelief on the bar's Facebook wall. One man remembers having one of his first legal drinks there 40 years ago; another said the first date with his wife started at Hamilton's; another said he used to get in with a handwritten note from his mom saying he was 21. And yet another asked, "when it closes, will i get back some of my dignity i lost there?"

Hamilton's opened in 1933 in a building that dates back to 1904 and has had a definite impact on the community. In an attempt to honor it in its final days, one fan suggested organizing a worldwide Skype toast. "I would like to share one last drink in Hamilton's with my fellow alum around the world."
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Hamilton's Bar & Grill

6341 N. Broadway, Chicago, IL