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Bears Israel Idonije Punks Rookies With $38k Mastro's Bill

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You've heard outlandish stories of rookie athletes dropping major coin on crazy things—cars! houses! strippers!—after getting signed. But what happens when they don't know what they're even spending money on? Chicago Bears Israel Idonije decided to have a little fun with a couple of the team's rookies and got Mastro's involved.

According to Chicagoist, on Tuesday night, the crew dined at the River North steakhouse and got a bill for $38,091.91. Did they order every bottle of expensive wine on the list and each get their own seafood tower on top of that? Nope. Idonije had the restaurant add a line item for a Bears Dinner at $9,999 a piece and then tweeted a pic of the receipt, which he followed up with another tweet saying, "That Bill was NOT real! It's was a Hilarious joke on our 2 Rookies." In the end, the bill still topped $4,000. Hopefully Idonije picked it up.
· Bears Idonije Gives Rookies a Scare With $38k Restaurant Tab [Chicagoist]