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Merle's BBQ, Sapore de Napoli, More Shutter

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Merle's BBQ
Merle's BBQ
Photo: Facebook

EVANSTON—According to notices on its door and website, Merle's BBQ has lost its lease after 20 years and is now closed permanently. This is the latest blow as last February the restaurant was cited for contributing to an outbreak of food poisoning at a school conference where Merle's food was served. [Evanston Now via LTH Forum]

LAKEVIEW—While it seems to have shuttered more than a month ago, Eater is just hearing that the once-acclaimed pizza spot Sapore di Napoli has sadly closed. A call to the restaurant earlier showed the phone has been disconnected. [EaterWire]

WICKER PARKDee's Place, a BYO soul food and live jazz spot on Division, has a "no trespassing" sign affixed to its door by Chicago Sheriff Thomas Dart's department saying "all persons have been evicted from these premises." Calls to Dee's have gone unanswered, but more details will be released as they become available. [Division Living]

EVANSTONTiny Dog Cupcake Bakery, which opened a little more than a year ago, has also closed shop. [Evanston Now]