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Phil Rubino Named Chef for John des Rosiers' Moderno

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More exciting news for Highland Park: Eater has learned that Phil Rubino will take on the role as executive chef for Moderno, John des Rosiers' forthcoming modern Italian restaurant. Rubino, who made news last year as chef de cuisine at the Black Sheep, took some time off after being let go amidst drama, but eventually landed at the Sofitel, where he has worked alongside Greg Biggers at Cafe des Architectes since November.

Rubino will reportedly begin working at Moderno in early March where he and des Rosiers will continue to tweak the menu, which will focus on cuisine from Tuscany, Umbria and Abruzzo, Italy. Des Rosiers has told Eater in the past that the food will be prepared only with necessary ingredients and will sometimes incorporate Southeast Asian or Spanish flavors to give the cuisine a modern bent. Rubino's background cooking at L20, Bin 36 and 33 Club brings in experience working across different cuisines, which will translate well to Moderno.
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Phil Rubino [Photo: Facebook]


1850 Second Street, Highland park, Illinois 60035


1850 Second St., Highland Park, IL