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Crust Pizza Closes; Cites Financial Difficulty, High Rent

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Crust, the organic pizza eatery on Division Street, has decided to close its doors after four and a half years in business. "The concept couldn't weather the financial climate," Todd Feinberg, the restaurant's general manager, told Eater via email. "What really did us in was the extremely high rent, well above market value, that a pizza concept could not support."

Crust, which claimed to be Chicago's first organic-certified restaurant when it opened, had its last service on New Year's Eve. Chef/owner Michael Altenberg will now focus his efforts on Bistro Campagne, his French restaurant located in Lincoln Square where Feinberg also serves as GM. While Crust's closing is no doubt bittersweet, it shouldn't be looked at as a failure. As Feinberg said, "After four and a half years on a difficult stretch of Division, we feel proud of what we accomplished and are thankful for all of our amazing customers who have supported us since we have been open."

Bistro Campagne

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2056 W. Division, Chicago, IL