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Akira's Hyde Park Flagship; Emporio on Oak Street; More!

And now the latest from the ballsy experts at Racked Chicago, covering everything about the city's most essential shopping, best style, and need-to-know retail from glitzy the sidewalks up.


GOLD COAST - Earlier in the week we heard of workmen inside the last vacant space of the old Barneys building on Oak and Rush. Turns out, Emporio Armani has signed a lease and is building out the space.

HYDE PARK - Akira has signed on the vacant Borders space on 53rd in Hyde Park. This will be the first Akira store (they have 19 of them) to include both clothing and shoes... and the kicker? It'll have a very substantial footwear selection.

GOLD COAST - Anthropologie's answer to bridal, BHLDN is almost open. They've set a very appropriate opening date of Valentine's Day in anticipation for all those hearty Midwestern dudes poppin' the question this year.

LAKEVIEW - After four and a half years, p+L on Clark has had enough of selling "happywear" to Lakeviewers. On February 1 they will be marking everything at 50% off (including sale items) for a February 20 closing date.