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Bice Closed, Now "The Restaurant" at the Talbott Hotel

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Last week, Bice's kitchen staff walked out, leaving many questions as to what would happen to the Gold Coast restaurant. Now, Eater learns that the Bice sign has been removed and the restaurant's owners, Roberto and Raffaeli Ruggeri, lost the space to the Talbott Hotel, where it was located.

A call to the restaurant confirmed that Bice is no longer operating the restaurant and that it is now simply called The Restaurant at the Hotel. No word on whether a new operator will take over, but things otherwise remain status quo in the kitchen, including chef Jim Kilberg still being on board.

The opening of Bice last year in the former more intimate Bice Bistro was supposed to be a big return for the restaurant, which has had a long history in the city. However, like Medi closing before it, it seems the Bice restaurant group is plagued with problems and just couldn't stay afloat.
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Talbott Hotel [Photo: Orbitz]

The Restaurant at the Hotel

10 E. Delaware, Chicago, IL