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FreshGo Grocery Delivery Sours on Groupon Deal

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Chicago grocery delivery service FreshGo thought it would be a good idea to use Groupon for a marketing campaign to get the word out. Apparently the promo soured because FreshGo, which already has low prices, no sales tax or delivery fees, sent out an email this morning apologizing to customers with an offer of $10 off their next two offers.

FreshGo said they had worked tirelessly with Groupon before the deal went out earlier this month to make sure their current and future customers would get the best possible deal. The company alleges that Groupon promised things during negotiations that have still not been delivered and that they've experienced both technical and redemption issues. At the end of the day, FreshGo wants its customers to be pleased with their service, which they feel isn't happening with the Groupon deal.

Dear FreshGo Customers,

You should know 2 things - communication and customer service are our top priorities. We pride ourselves on building a great business of providing world class groceries coupled with amazing service and communication. We thought you should hear it from us first...

We recently ran a marketing promotion with the daily deal site, Groupon. We spent numerous hours in negotiations before the promotion ran to ensure that we were bringing the best possible deal to our customers and potential customers. We were promised things in the negotiations that as of today, we have not received. We have also run into several issues working with the Groupon company that range from technical issues to redemption issues. This unfortunate situation has shone FreshGo in a light that we are not pleased about. We have decided to suspend the Groupon voucher program to allow Groupon to bring a resolution to the issues that have been presented.

We realize what an inconvenience this has been for some of our current and potential customers. An inconvenience is the last headache we wanted to cause. We pride ourselves on a simple, straight-forward business model that has given us the success that we have achieved and that has catapulted us into focusing on more growth strategies and grocery savings for you in 2012.

Since you've been inconvenienced, take $10 off your next 2 orders by using the discount code 'XXXXXXXXXX' at checkout. It's our way of saying, we're sorry for the inconvenience.

If you have any questions our service team is standing by for you. Tweet us (@FreshGoNow), chat live with us on our website (, e-mail us (, or give us a call - 855.4.FRESHGO.


Sherry, Gayle, Mike, & Darius
Your Management Team at FreshGo