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Lyle Lovett Apologies for Rick Bayless Slam

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Rick Bayless [Photo: Ryan McVinney and Paul Taverna]/Lyle Lovett
Rick Bayless [Photo: Ryan McVinney and Paul Taverna]/Lyle Lovett
Photo: PeopleQuiz

Looks like instead of eating Mexican food, Lyle Lovett is eating crow. Yesterday, Eater picked up an interview with Lovett in Garden & Gun magazine where the Texas rocker (who was at one time married to Julia Roberts) said Mexican food "can’t be that good if a guy named Bayless is cooking it." Lovett admitted he has a rule that he doesn't eat Mexican food east of the Mississippi, but that may all change now that he realizes more about James Beard Award-winning chef Rick Bayless who owns the Michelin-starred Topolobampo as well as the acclaimed Frontera Grill, Xoco and Tortas Frontera restaurants—not to mention his PBS show Mexico—One Plate at a Time.

After Eater tweeted out the story, Lovett is now making amends by tweeting that, "I take it all back! I was just joking. The next time I'm in Chicago, I'm eating at Rick's, if he'll let me." and then tweeted directly to Bayless saying, "Rick, I was just joking! Not fair of me. I bet your Mexican food is as amazing as they say. I'd love to try it."

People on Twitter came to Bayless' defense telling him not to sweat it. And when Bayless weighed in on the matter, he only had this to say: "Slo news day." Lovett's final word: "I hate it when I'm stupid."