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Branca Expanding; Optimo's Second Location; More

And now the latest from the experts at Racked Chicago, covering everything you need to know about the city's best shopping, style, and retail from the sidewalks up.


LOOP - For years Optimo Hats in Beverly has been producing quality headwear. Now they've got a second supremely crafted shop in an impeccably kept building in the heart of the old Chicago Loop. The benchmark of quality has arrived.

GOLD COAST - Alessandra Branca, owner of Branca on Pearson, with an atelier on State and a showroom in New York will soon be expanding... into her own line of products. "Think big" is the wording that comes to mind when we hear about how many new products are in production for Branca.

LINCOLN PARK - Barneys CO-OP on Halsted has shuttered and still has no known plans to re-open. Bummer for some, probably better in the long run but great for everyone now that the big boy Barneys is having a 75% off sale.

BRIDGEPORT - Two lovely ladies with great taste are sourcing auction-worthy pieces and selling them out of an art loft on 35th. Starting for the first time today, Coyle & Herr is only open to the public for ten consecutive days a month or by appointment only. And they've got some stellar Leslie Hindman-esque items.