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Top Chef Recap: The More Evil the Better

Spoiler Alert: If you do not want to know what happened on last night's episode of Top Chef, stop reading now.

Last night the chefs were faced with a difficult quickfire challenge: Create a meal utilizing three items off of a conveyer belt. The catch was the better ingredients didn't show up until quite a bit of time had lapsed, leaving them less time to cook. Most of the chefs, including Moto's Chris Jones who tried a few times to grab a lobster, struggled with this challenge except for Beverly Kim (aria) who, according to guest judge, Eric Ripert prepared the best dish by a long shot.

But Kim, unfortunately, ran out of time and was unable to put her curried rice krispies on her dish, therefore making her ineligible to win and get immunity for the elimination challenge. So by default, Lindsay Autry won for her bouillabaisse dish.

Moments later the chefs stood star-struck as Charlize Theron entered the room to help host Padma Lakshmi announce the next challenge. Given Theron's role as the evil queen in the upcoming Snow White and the Huntsman, the chefs were instructed to prepare a feast fit for an evil queen for the elimination challenge.

Excited by this challenge, the chefs worked to create dishes that evoked the evil spirit. The judges were impressed by every single dish and touted this as one of the best overall meals they have had on Top Chef. But it is a competition, and someone must to go home, even if it's for a small reason.

Paul Qui won the challenge for his "enchanted forest dish." Kim, Sarah Grueneberg (Spiaggia) and Grayson Schmitz found themselves in the bottom three. Ultimately, Kim was sent packing as the judges found something off with the consistency of her sauce.

Kim was upset, but moved on to challenge five-time winner Nyesha Arrington in the Last Chance Kitchen online. When Tom Colicchio asked, "Who is going to take this one?" Sable Kitchen's Heather Terhune immediately quipped, "My money is on Nyesha." Tom laughed and said, "You guys have had some bad history the whole way through." This motivated Kim even more to win and she defeated Arrington in a challenge of creating a dish of a local fish, Black Drum, with the twist of having to use the other cheftestant's ingredients. Welcome back, Bev.