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Bice Kitchen Staff Walks Out Leaving Bare Bones Service

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The kitchen staff walked out of Bice on Wednesday, leaving the restaurant with a very abbreviated back-of-house staff, according to the Sun-Times. The report says the restaurant, which is attached to the Talbott Hotel, was left with a hostess, a server, the executive chef and general manager Ovi Marginean.

A source that requested anonymity said that all of the line cooks walked out because they haven't been paid in a while. "It'll probably steamroll from here," the source said. "They haven't announced whether they're going to close the restaurant or not."

The source also said that that the restaurant is having issues based on money rather than not having a talented kitchen staff, but this has yet to be confirmed with owners Roberto and Raffaeli Ruggeri. According to the Sun-Times story, Marginean is calling people with upcoming reservations to alert them to the issues and that they may not be able to accommodate them. This likely isn't the last news to come out on this.
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10 E. Delaware, Chicago, IL