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Pastoral Creating Food-to-Go for Intelligentsia Coffee

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If you're tired of only getting oversized cookies and dry baked goods when you go to a cafe, Pastoral Artisan Cheese, Bread & Wine is about to make you happy. That is assuming you go to Intelligentsia Coffee.

Pastoral has teamed with the local coffee roaster to provide a variety of food—from handcrafted sandwiches to charcuterie—for quick takeaway. Pastoral, whose original shop in Lakeview is down the street from Intelligentsia's first cafe, started selling its branded pre-packaged food at all three Intelligentsia locations in the city (3123 N. Broadway, 53 W. Jackson and 53 E. Randolph) on Jan. 16.

All the food will be made fresh daily and vary from day to day. Some initial items to watch for include a locally farmed turkey and artichoke sandwich with asiago fresco cheese; Madrange ham and pear sandwich with honey jam by locally made Quince & Apple; a roasted veggie medley sandwich with fresh mozzarella on a baguette; and various salads like a Mediterranean salad (greens, artichokes, onion, tomatoes) and a Spanish salad (manchego cheese, peppers, olives, chorizo). Most items range between $7.50 and $8. Cheese and charcuterie will also be available.

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Intelligentsia Coffee

53 E Randolph Street, Chicago, IL 60601 312 920 9332