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Bagel on Damen, Plan B, What's Cooking, More Close

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RAVENSWOOD—Originally, a sign said it would be closed through Jan. 10 for remodeling, but Bagel on Damen (4639 N. Damen) never reopened and is apparently now closed for good. [Drive Thru]

BUCKTOWN—Looks like not enough people wanted this as their backup because Plan B Bar Kitchen closed after business on Saturday night. [Facebook]

NORTH PARK—While a sign on the door earlier this month read "closed until further notice," it appears as though longtime Jewish deli What's Cooking? is sadly closed for good. A call to the restaurant has a recording saying the number has been temporarily disconnected so who knows? [Yelp/LTH Forum]

GLENVIEW—This suburban location of the classic Rogers Park spot Gulliver's Pizza has closed, as confirmed by the restaurant's website. [LTH Forum]

[Photo: Bagel on Damen]

Bagel on Damen

1252 N. Damen Avenue, Chicago, IL 60622 (773) 772-2243