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Top Chef Recap: It's Time for Restaurant Wars

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Spoiler Alert: If you do not want to know what happened on last night's episode of Top Chef, stop reading now.

At the beginning of last night's episode, eight chefs stood in a large empty room, which could only indicate one thing: Restaurant Wars! Given the equal amount of male and female chefs left standing, Bravo took the opportunity to make this challenge a battle of the sexes. The teams were tasked with creating an entire restaurant concept from scratch and executing on service and three courses, with two options for each course, for 100 people. A flip of a coin indicated the men would go first. The opposing team was also invited to dine at the restaurant.

During the planning, the men seemed to quickly agree on their concept and what they'd be making. The women, however, spent some time bickering, as well as picking on Beverly Kim (Aria), especially Sarah Grueneberg. Apparently this wasn't something that stopped when Heather Terhune left the show a few weeks ago. Is Grueneberg (Spiaggia) taking over as "queen of mean" or can it be chalked up to editing?

The men open Canteen, which Chris Jones (Moto) described as a concept "playing on people's memories." The women open a rustic spot called Half-Bushel. Both teams face their share of challenges with the men executing better on the service, the women on the food.

The judges picked Half-Bushel the best restaurant and award Beverly Kim the prize for her short ribs with red curry, because, as Tom Colicchio said, "she really brought us the best food." Kim is so excited as she considers herself the total "underdog." The men face elimination and the judges claim any one of them could be eliminated, but in the end send home Ty-Lor Boring.