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City Provisions to Continue Beer Collaboration Series With Metropolitan, Finch's, More

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City Provisions Deli, which celebrates its one year anniversary this week with specials and visits from local farmers, will continue its collaboration series with local brewers through 2012. The first beer, a cherry-based dunkel weiss named Kirsch Von Blücher with Flossmoor Station, was tapped in the shop on Aug. 23.

Coming out later this month, City Provisions chef/owner Cleetus Friedman will work with Metropolitan Brewing to produce a dunkel doppel rye bock. The beers are featured on-site at City Provisions and occasionally at the brewpub, like in the case of Flossmoor. Pints at City Provisions will cost between $6 and $10, depending on the brew.

In October, Friedman will partner with Finch's Beer Company to create a honey wheat beer; that will also be featured on site at the Hopleaf with a meet and greet (more details to follow); November will see a Sarsaparilla Stout brewed with Dark Horse Brewing and then in December Pipeworks will team with Friedman to keg a Belgian Strong Ale. While the types of beers aren't yet set, proposed 2012 collaborations include Two Brothers and New Holland with returns to Flossmoor Station and Metropolitan.

City Provisions [Photo: StarChefs]

City Provisions Deli

1820 W Wilson Ave, Chicago, IL 60640 773-293-2489

City Provisions Deli

1818 W. Wilson Avenue, Chicago, IL