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Magnolia Bakery Finally Opening This Weekend

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New York's iconic Magnolia Bakery will finally make its Chicago debut at Block 37 this Saturday, Oct. 1. The look of the location is very vintage and reminds you of a seaside bakery from the '50s. This is the first Magnolia store in the Midwest, coming after openings in LA and Dubai.

The 28-seat location will offer cakes, pies, creamy banana pudding, cookies, brownies, mini cheesecakes and fresh-from-the-oven breakfast muffins. From Double Crust Pies ($24) and Strawberry Icebox Cake ($24) to Red Velvet Cake ($60, 3-layer) and S’mores Cupcakes ($3.50 each), Magnolia harkens back to the flavors and traditions of classic American baked goods.

“As a native Chicagoan, I’m thrilled to bring the Magnolia experience to my hometown,” said Bobbie Lloyd, president of Magnolia Bakery. “We are excited to now offer our famous freshly baked desserts to Chicagoans and are looking forward to working with the Loop community." With all the other cupcake shops around town, will the hype behind Magnolia still be thunderous or will this just kick off another round of the city's cupcake wars?

108 N. State Street, Chicago, IL. 60602