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After Kith & Kin, Talebs Now Shutter Webster Street Cafe

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After unexpectedly closing Kith & Kin only to revamp it into Webster Street Cafe, brothers Moe and Ash Taleb have now closed the new restaurant as well. Surprisingly, it turns out the restaurant actually shuttered on Sept. 11, according to Moe Taleb.

"We decided to leave that location," Taleb said. "The business was OK, but I just want to move on and try to focus on what we do best with deliveries and catering." Taleb said everything inside Webster Street, like the kitchen equipment and furniture, is for sale. Now it seems they just want to put the experience behind them and focus on new projects. "Walking away from there, I felt so good and I've been pretty happy," he said. "I feel like we shouldn't have opened it after Kith & Kin."
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Kith & Kin

1119 West Webster Street, Chicago, IL 60614 Visit Website

Webster Street Cafe

1119 W. Webster Ave., Chicago, IL

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