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Sula Likes Masa Azul Drinks; Kramer Questions Prasino; More

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Photo: Prasino's dining room

Mike Sula thinks Masa Azul is more focused on its tequila and mescal program than the food. He describes co-owner Jason Lerner as an “evangelist” when you ask him a question on one of the eighty-some tequilas and mezcals. He found the Latin Manhattan “surprisingly dry” and “had trouble figuring out less nuanced drinks such as the Snake Bite.” He then describes the menu as showing a “certain economy duplicating sides or garnishes on a number of dishes.” He didn’t enjoy his “chipotle-seared scallop entree comes with green beans and a potato cake in poblano-blue cheese sauce, but its starter version is paired with a wonderfully moist piece of blue corn bread studded with kernels—both elements perfectly executed and perfectly ruined by an injudicious application of synthetic-smelling white truffle oil.” But, he did enjoy the yellow corn bread which he thinks could be chef Chavez signature and says he would “eat for dessert or breakfast anytime.” The architecture of someone entrée elements seemed out of place as well. The seasoned beef medallions had a “muted bitterness unmitigated by acid or sweetness that he felt could be controversial at many tables.” While he liked it, his dining companion hated it! [Reader]

Julia Kramer began by asking “What is sustainable about eating in Style?” The new Wicker Park spot Prasino can possibly be confused with the La Grange location when seeking directions. She describes the décor as “hotel-bar chic” and nothing on the menu supported the “sustainable dining mantra.” Her description of the eggs benedict, lamb shank and lobster is best summed up as “survival food, caveman sustenance, meat on fat on starch, carnivorous gruel.” She found the “food pleasant and crowd pleasing with a nice wine list that had some cool biodynamic producers perked up the mundane meals.” In the end, she just didn’t get the place! [TOC]

Metromix suggests giving Toni Patisserie & Café some time. The pastry seemed to be the biggest hits with the “salted caramel tart that had a silky, oozy filling in a crispy chocolate shell.” There were also some great picnic treats lining shelves if the weather can hold out. The downside came from the “baguette sandwiches which are big nearly twice the size of similarly priced sammies.” Other sandwiches weren’t made correctly with the described ingredients being left on the sidelines. While Lisa Arnett wants to love everything about the cute café she thinks they need time to hit their groove. [Metromix]


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