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Another Austin Restaurant Steals Alinea Menu Design

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File this in the you have got to be kidding me folder! Yet again, another Austin area restaurant is stealing Martin Kastner’s designed menu from Alinea. It seems Beluga Sushi is the latest copycat. They posted on their Facebook page the “new menu 2011” which is a near identical look to the previously stolen menu design.

Eater Chicago got Alinea co-owner Nick Kokonas' reaction to the latest theft, "Well, again...I am pretty surprised that any graphic designer or restaurant would so blatantly rip off our intellectual property, especially after it has been so widely disseminated, analyzed, and published in the Alinea book. First it was carnival cruise lines, then Afin, now Beluga... seems like it's restricted to the seas for now." Makes you wonder what people will start stealing from Next or Aviary! [Eater Austin]


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