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Stephanie Izard Remains Champion After Quickfire

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Tentori's Shuck The Goat Shirt
Tentori's Shuck The Goat Shirt
Photo: twitter/Kevin Boehm

Last night the patio of Perennial Virant became a mob scene as many gathered to watch Stephanie Izard battle Giuseppe Tentori in the final Quickfire battle of the season. The battle was super close but Izard took the win by a mere two points with a final score of 52-50. Although Izard and team did some trash talking, Tentori and Carl Shelton stayed quiet in their "Shuck the Goat" shirts.

The ingredient list was varied and included Yoo-hoo, Swedish Fish, chicken hearts, corn, dried shrimp, polenta, Fortune cookies and giardiniera. Izard ended up creating a creative dish of ground beef braised collards, chicken liver and swedish fish gastrique with fortune cookie crumble. Tentori went a little more straightforward with a semolina corn cake, shrimp tomato sauce, sweet and sour apple salad with triple seared beef.

The Quickfire challenges will resume this spring and Izard will be back to challenge her next competitor on the patio. Looks like we have a long winter of waiting ahead of us.

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