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Amanda Rockman is Eliminated on Top Chef Just Desserts

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In last night's episode of Top Chef Just Desserts Amanda Rockman (Bristol, Balena) gets eliminated in the final challenge for her funnel cake that the judges said had the consistency of a pretzel. The challenge was to create a treat for visitors at a water park that they would find refreshing and easy to eat. Rockman's funnel cake ended up being a challenging dessert as it quickly hardened after leaving the fryer and she wasn't forceful enough with her team members to let them have her serve the judges first.

In Amanda's exit video she calls her elimination "death by funnel cake and short shorts," making light of her elimination and the outfit she wore to the water park. She seemed appreciative of the experience and the lifelong friends she made. Lucky for us we can still enjoy her desserts at The Bristol and look forward to her Italian-focused creations at Balena.


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