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Top Chef Texas Begins Nov 2 with Six Chicago Hopefuls

Bravo announced the list of 29 chef "hopefuls" who will be competing in this season of Top Chef Texas when it premiers on November 2 at 10 p.m and it seems a lot more chefs were missing from Chicago during filming than we originally suspected. Although Heather Terhune from Sable Kitchen and Bar was outed and rumors flew about the two chefs from Moto, all seemed relatively quiet otherwise. However it seems that the list has grown to six with:

Heather Terhune, Sable Kitchen and Bar
Richie Farina and Chris Jones, MOTO
Sarah Grueneberg, Spiaggia
Beverly Kim, Aria
Chuy Valencia, Chilam Balam

Eater National has the full list.

If 29 contestants seems higher than in previous years, you know Top Chef well. And if you know Top Chef well, you know there is always a twist. According to their press release:

For the first-time ever, season nine will boast a record 29 chefs - almost double the amount of chefs in season’s past – who will see if they have what it takes to become an official chef’testant and qualify to wear the Top Chef coat. Only 16 will go on to compete across the Lone Star State – in Austin, Dallas and San Antonio.

So it looks like Heather goes to Texas based on being spotted at the Whole Foods there, but we'll have to stay tuned to see who else. Hopefully there will be quite a few to cheer on this season.


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