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Who Should Replace Pat Bruno at the Sun-Times?

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Last week, after serving as the Sun-Times' restaurant critic for 27 years, Pat Bruno was let go from his post, leaving a void in the paper's food section for the first time in nearly three decades. This now opens up a lot of questions as to how the struggling paper will fill this hole and if it'll even have a food critic take Bruno's place.

A lot of people are certainly qualified to take over as food critic for the Sun-Times, but who will it be? Time Out Chicago's Julia Kramer has proven herself a force in the last year, bestowing both high and low marks for such spots as Next and Grahamwich. But is the paper progressive enough for someone coming from a place like TOC?

What about Mike Nagrant, who made a name for himself at his website Hungry Mag and has written for everyone from New City to CS? It's possible that Nagrant, who has been known to fuel the flames of Twitter spats, may be a little too edgy for the aging paper. Steve Dolinsky, who launched a new website last night, definitely has the chops, but he's too well-known around town ... but then again, does anonymity matter anymore? Or would the paper sidestep having a permanent main critic altogether?

Let us know your thoughts. Leave a comment below and weigh in on who you think should be the Sun-Times' next critic before Oct. 7, when the paper introduces its new dining pages.
· Longtime Sun-Times Food Critic Pat Bruno Fired [~EChi~]


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