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Cibo Matto Closing Sept 10, New "Opportunities" Emerging

Photo: Cibo Matto

After winning awards and enjoying critical acclaim during its first year under chef Todd Stein and then continuing to receive praise under chef Evan Percoco, the Wit hotel has decided to shutter Cibo Matto on September 10 and use the space for private events and meetings, at least for now.

The move comes as a surprise since Cibo, the property's upscale Italian restaurant, has seemingly been the hotel's premier dining destination, but as property owner Scott Greenberg said, they're catering to the growing demand from businesses in the area.

In early May, Eater heard a rumor that Cibo may change its name and start focusing more on being a steakhouse. That rumor ended up being true, and Greenberg said that move was a "signal that we were being driven by our location near the corporate business in the area."

Greenberg said they have big plans and some exciting new moves for the property, but declined to elaborate at this point, saying only that, "We're seeing a lot of opportunity in the next couple of months and we'll announce some other very significant additions to the Wit, which will take advantage of these opportunities that we're seeing emerge."

When asked about how business has been at Cibo as well as the hotel's two other food and beverage destinations, Roof and State & Lake, Greenberg said they're enjoying continued success, but see some new opportunities. "The business has been solid, but on a relative basis we're always weighing different opportunities in front of us."

While the conversation didn't reveal any future details—other than the hotel is planning on targeting more private event and meeting business—you can bet a new restaurant will emerge in that space after the New Year. And the one solid fact to come of this is that come Sept. 10, "Cibo Matto will be no more," Greenberg said. So there you have it.
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