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Sky Full of Bacon's History of Chicago BBQ

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"The story of a city's barbecue is the story of the city." So begins the 30-minute video from Sky Full of Bacon's Mike Gebert exploring the rich history of Chicago's barbecue. Gebert visits numerous spots throughout the South Side, like Uncle John's, Lem's Bar-B-Q, Honey 1 BBQ, Mary's Bar-B-Q and Leon's Bar-B-Q's original location and engages such local barbecue luminaries like "Meathead" Goldwyn of Amazing Ribs and culinary historian Peter Engler.

The video talks about the sauces, the cookers and the manufacturers that make them. So if you have an extra 30 minutes in your day or just want a great excuse to blow off work for a half hour, hunker down and dig in, because there's a whole lot of 'cue—and a pretty fascinating story about barbecue in Chicago—in your future.

Sky Full of Bacon 17: A Barbecue History of Chicago from Michael Gebert on Vimeo.