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Jack Stankovic New Bluebird Chef, Adds Beer-Focused Menu

Looking to change things up, the Bluebird has brought on new chef Jack Stankovic, who was previously at the Black Sheep as chef de partie (unlike the rest of the kitchen staff who bolted after Sarah Jordan and Phil Rubino were fired, Stankovic quit just before the big shakeup).

Bluebird is known for its extensive beer list and Stankovic's new menu has been crafted to better pair the food with the brews—and is also incorporating some beers into the recipes. The new housemade pappardelle has maitake mushrooms, brussels leaves and chestnuts mingling with a blonde ale. He incorporates J.K. Scrumpy cider into a braised pork shoulder dish that includes apple stuffing, farro and napa cabbage. The traditional hanger steak and frites kicks a boost from Founder's Dirty Bastard Scotch ale duck butter and aioli.

Desserts, like the Belgian waffle, chocolate stout cake and pumpkin pie also feature beer in the recipes. The menu also features mussels and frites served in three preparations (Belgian, English and Southern French); the much-loved Belgian-style frites; duck poutine; a bison burger with sage aioli; and baked mac and cheese with gruyere, smoked cheddar, bacon and Left Hand milk stout. Well, there he goes again with the beer.

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The Bluebird

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The Bluebird

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