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Nookies Opens Fourth, More Upscale Location; BYO to Start

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While it was originally scheduled to open in the spring, things got pushed back, but Nookies has finally arrived in Edgewater. The popular diner, with locations in Lincoln Park, Old Town and Lakeview, opened this more upscale cafe on Bryn Mawr and even includes a full bar, although the restaurant is BYO for now.

According to Edgeville Buzz, the space features Brazilian wood and windows that open out onto Winthrop. The nine-page menu may make it difficult to choose what to eat, but having too many options sometimes is better than not wanting to eat anything at all. Back in February, chef Jacob Smith said he planned to have an expanded menu with a full barbecue section and rotisserie chicken. In addition to that, you can still get the standard brunch fare (omelets, frittatas, sandwiches, soups, salads, etc.) available at the other locations. Look for an eclectic wine list once the restaurant gets its liquor license.
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1100 W. Bryn Mawr

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