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Wagyu Wagon Hosts Event in Andersonville; Other Pop-Ups

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The Wagyu Wagon debuted a month ago but you likely won't see it making the rounds in the Loop in the near future. Aaron Crumbaugh (Peninsula) who is behind this food truck, created one of the city's first trucks that is actually cook ready. Since Chicago's laws still haven't changed, Crumbaugh and Raphael Lopez (Schuba's, Lincoln Hall) who cooks on the wagon as well, can't actually serve anything made on the truck if they are driving around. However, they can cook off the truck if it's considered to be on private property, which worked out well at the Time Out Food Truck Social and 694 Wine & Spirits Food Truck A-Go-Go. Although Rahm Emanuel did stop by the truck last month for a Wagyu taco (before the truck was cook ready) and promised change "soon," Crumbaugh doesn't want to wait. So he is getting creative and hosting a number of pop-ups throughout the city.

On September 26 from 7-10 p.m., Crumbaugh will host an event at the Haymaker Shop in Andersonville, along with Koval Distillery. This event will be part of a series that feature "craft makers," as they are calling it, in food, drink, art and music. The Wagyu Wagon will be serving up food, Koval will serve a signature cocktail and original screen print posters of the Chicago food movement will be displayed. They are hoping to get Revolution Brewing and 694 Wine & Spirits to be a part of the event as well.

On October 3 at 7 pm, The Wagyu Wagon will pop-up at Ipsento Coffee House and Roaster in Bucktown. The menu will include a choice of three sandwiches, sides and a dessert for $20. There will also be a discussion about the the food, the truck and the food truck scene in Chicago. Tickets must be purchased in advance.

Crumbaugh is currently exploring other event options and hopes to do something at least once a month. He is also working on his fall menu which will include his already popular wagyu sloppy joe's, made with a homemade barbecue sauce that includes Revolution's Anti-Hero IPA; a wagyu chili dog; and a Pho-gyu, the popular Vietnamese noodle soup featuring wagyu, of course.