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Tito's Hacienda Shuttered Due to Flies, Rat Droppings, More

On Monday, the Mayor's Dumpster Task Force shut down Tito's Hacienda for a number of health code violations. The Pilsen taqueria, located just off 18th Street, was cited for issues with cleanliness, rat droppings and flying insects as well as not having any hot water, which is necessary to, well, clean up the place.

The task force found flies around produce and about 40 rat droppings in the storage area, and in the alley, they found a grease-encrusted grease disposal container. Because of the harsh conditions, the team had no choice but to shut down the restaurant, according to Josie Cruz, deputy commissioner of Streets & Sanitation's Bureau of Rodent Control. "If they want to re-open, management will have much work to do including a detailed cleaning and pest-proofing effort, revamping their housekeeping and pest-control programs, restoring hot water service and then requesting and passing a very tough re-inspection,” she said.

Tito's Hacienda [Photo: Ninnianne/Flickr]

Tito's Hacienda

1854 S. Blue Island, Chicago, IL