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Longtime Sun-Times Food Critic Pat Bruno Fired

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In a move that some may not consider a huge surprise, longtime Sun-Times food critic Pat Bruno was fired from the paper, Robert Feder reports in Time Out Chicago. But what was surprising was the method in which Bruno was let go: he received a phone call from a mid-level editor despite writing for the paper for 27 years.

"One of the higher-ups I’ve known for 27 years could not even pick up the phone and tell me the reason they didn’t want my column anymore," Bruno told TOC. "All he had to do was say: ‘Pat, we need to cut some dollars. We really can’t afford you anymore."

Bruno isn't planning to go away quietly. He's working on launching a website and blog, will continue to contribute restaurant reviews to WBBM-AM and WCFS-FM radio and has a monthly column for Pizza Today. His last column for the paper will appear this Friday.
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