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The Black Sheep Reopening With New Menu, Kitchen Staff

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Following last week's drama where the entire kitchen staff walked out of The Black Sheep, questions arose on whether the restaurant would soldier on or pack up and quietly shutter. It looks like the former is happening, at least for now, as James Toland is reopening the restaurant tonight with a new summer menu and an entirely new kitchen staff.

"Like a phoenix with [a] mohawk, we have risen from the ashes," Toland wrote to Eater in an email. With that, the chef added the new menu includes "larger more satisfying versions of some of our favorites," seemingly in response to comments that the small portions didn't mesh with higher prices.

Also, in response to Toland somewhat abusing social media, the chef said he's being banned from using applications like Twitter and Facebook for a month, and despite rumors of his being replaced as executive chef, Toland said he's staying put, which was confirmed by proprietor Brad Braun.

Finally, in its search to re-staff the kitchen, the restaurant posted help wanted ads to sites including StarChefs and Craigslist, in which it referred to Toland as a celebrity chef. Unless his band all of a sudden got global acclaim, it doesn't seem that "acting" in a restaurant soap opera qualifies one to be a celeb.

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The Black Sheep

1132 W Grand Avenue, Chicago, IL 60642

The Black Sheep

1132 W. Grand Ave., Chicago, IL