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Sweet Spot Macaron Truck Coming in September

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Claiming to be the world's first food truck dedicated to macarons, Sweet Spot Macarons is set to hit Chicago's streets in September. Pastry chef Galit Greenfield is behind the endeavor and is using the truck as a means to help push her love of the decadent French cookies out to the masses.

"I fell in love with French pastries almost a decade ago when I visited my friend in Paris,” Greenfield said in a press release. “Macarons combine a delicate mixture of textures, flavors and colors that peaks so many senses at once."

Greenfield plans to launch mid- to late-September with flavors like chocolate espresso, hazelnut, passion fruit, strawberry and pistachio and sell them for $1.50 a piece. She'll also experiment and expand her offerings based on seasonally available ingredients. Watch Facebook and Twitter for more news of the launch.

[Photo: Sweet Spot Macarons]