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Matt Riordan Leaves Pops for Champagne for Saigon Sisters; Luke Creagan Joins Pops

This morning, a press release went out saying Pops for Champagne executive chef, Matt Riordan, had left and accepted a job as the new head chef at Saigon Sisters' location in the West Loop. Riordan will oversee the food for both the restaurant and the Sisters' outlet inside the Chicago French Market.

Riordan replaces Matt Eversman, who announced in May he was leaving to work on opening his own restaurant. The former Pops chef said he'll work on making Saigon Sisters the "go-to restaurant for unique Vietnamese flavors."

In related news, 312DD reports that Luke Creagan, a chef most recently at Bonsoiree, will head to Pops. Creagan starts Monday and will form a new team. "I am super stoked to join the place, and will try to put food on their map a little more," Creagan told 312DD.
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Saigon Sisters [Photo: Facebook]

Saigon Sisters

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