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TOC Food Truck Social Brings Out Close to 10,000 People

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The new Wagyu Wagon. The line wrapped around the lot.
The new Wagyu Wagon. The line wrapped around the lot.

If Chicago's love for food trucks wasn't made clear before this weekend, it certainly was after Saturday. Time Out Chicago hosted the first Food Truck Social, gathering some of the most popular food trucks in the city, along with some great music put together by Empty Bottle Presents.

The crowds were massive, totaling close to 10,000 people over the course of the afternoon and evening. Although it was rather difficult to get food at times, everyone seemed to be enjoying the atmosphere. Given the amount of people—and the suggested $5 donation for entry—TOC should be able to make a sizable donation to Share Our Strength and other local benefactors. Early estimates show the event raised about $15,000.

Some observations from the day:

· We were surprised to see no one trying to start a petition or any sort of movement regarding food truck legislation given this was the largest food truck gathering to date.

· The longest line was definitely at the Wagyu Wagon when we arrived at 3 p.m. with folks anxious to try the food from the new truck.

· Matt Maroni had already sold out of his naan-wiches during his scheduled pop-up time on the Gaztro-Wagon at 2:30 (he reportedly filled in for Schwa's Michael Carlson who apparently broke his ankle). The Haute Sausage was ran out of food quickly, yet another reason Chicago desperately needs to pass new food truck legislation to allow chefs to cook on-board the trucks.

· Savory food seemed to be what everyone was after with minimal lines at The Sweet Ride, Sweet Miss Givings and Starfruit.

· It was much easier to get drinks than food as the street remained much less crowded than the two food truck lots. We also appreciated the picnic table set-up on the street giving folks a place to sit and eat away from the lines.

· For a first time event it was pretty well organized. Looks like this is something that will stay on the Chicago summer festival roster for years to come.
· TOC Hosts Food Truck Social With Maroni, Izard [~EChi~]