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Moto Shutters Temporarily to Renovate Kitchen

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As if having innovative, morphing food come out of the kitchen weren't enough, chef Homaro Cantu is in the process of morphing his entire kitchen at Moto. Cantu shuttered his molecular gastronomic spot in the Fulton Market district to completely overhaul his kitchen in what he's calling Moto 4.0.

The restaurant, which wil re-open on Sept. 1, will now have the kitchen updated to match what Cantu calls his "state of the art laboratory" in the space's private dining room. As for 4.0, the chef/owner said this is Moto's fourth phase, in which it will show "the integration of state of the art cutting edge technology from Cantu Designs." The first three phases included opening the restaurant, installing the lab and then the airing of his TV show, Future Food. To fully understand Cantu's future dream, he posted a link to this video, discussing his automated restaurant management system, which will become available to the public in 2012.

And in October, the Museum of Science and Industry will launch an exhibit on the Miracle Berry, with which Cantu showcases his "flavor tripping" menu.
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