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Ginger's Ale House Closes, A.J. Hudson's Public House to Open in its Place

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After a nearly 20-year run, Ginger's Ale House at the corner of Grace and Ashland has shuttered. Ginger's has long been known as having one of the better beer lists in the city and a top spot to watch soccer games from around the world. The two owners who opened the bar in 1992 had a falling out a number of years ago; they recently resolved the issue of who would keep Ginger's (the duo also owned Harrigan's).

One of the founding owners, Jamie Hale, who also owns the Globe Pub, has taken full ownership and is in the process of giving the space a complete makeover to start fresh. Hale is taking the next few weeks to gut the space and totally redo the interior before debuting A.J. Hudson's Public House, which is named for his two children, Anais Jillian and Hudson (fun fact: While most people thought Ginger's was named for a sassy woman, it was in fact Hale's nickname when he served in the British Royal Navy because he has red hair). While A.J. Hudson's doesn't have a firm opening date, it'll debut with a new menu featuring different beer and food. Stay tuned...

Ginger's Ale House [Photo: United Nations of Beer]

A.J. Hudson's Public House

3801 N. Ashland Ave., Chicago, IL