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Caravan Set to Deliver Middle Eastern Cuisine Sept. 1

Uptown already boasts an eclectic mix of global cuisine from Indian and Ethiopian to Thai and Vietnamese, but one of the things that seems to be missing is Middle Eastern. But come Sept. 1, that will change when Caravan opens its doors to the public. The restaurant, which took over the former Wild Pug, completely rehabbed the space and the only thing that seems to still be in place is the bar in the front room, but even that looks different.

Eater popped in for a quick look around, but was told we couldn't take any pictures yet (however, Uptown Update posted some last week). The festive interior has splashes of red and gold throughout. There are private tables hidden behind flowy drapes and a glassed-in room with booths up front. Small chandeliers hang from the ceiling and etched walls (also seen on the outside facade) add some texture. The back room has some disco-type lighting, so it wouldn't be surprising if that room hosted dancing and even belly-dance shows.

As for the food, the restaurant promises to take people on a culinary tour of the Middle East with dishes like falafel, shish kabob, cucumber salad and more. It's a drastic change from the spacious Wild Pug, but it looks like it'll be a welcome addition to the emerging Lawrence and Broadway corridor. Now if the Uptown Theater could get moving on that renovation ...
· Caravan Opens (Softly) [Uptown Update]

4810 N. Broadway, Chicago, IL