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Annie Novotny + Post 27, Alessi Closing; More!

And now for your weekly dose of shopping intelligence from Racked Chicago, covering everything you need to know about retail from the sidewalks up.


WEST TOWN - In the most ballsy and collaborative move we've seen in quite some time, Annie Novotny, owner of Pilsen's Workshop and head designer of Frei, will be moving her studio into Angela Finney-Hoffman's Grand Ave design mecca, Post 27.

RIVER NORTH - Alessi is closing for good and everything is on sale. Sad, but true, except that everything is on major sale. Corkscrews, soy sauce sets, watches, bowls, vases, sculptural fruit holders. #OMG it's a mad house and starting Saturday there will be even more markdowns.

GOLD COAST - After months of speculation and anticipation Sir Philip Green of Arcadia Group has announced the limited Chicago Edition of Topshop Nail Varnish - its name? "Windy City".