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Has Earwax Cafe Closed its Doors for Good?

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It was closing. Then it was re-opening. Now it looks as though Earwax Cafe is done for good. Back in February, Earwax had shuttered after 21 years, signaling a possible shift in the neighborhood demographics. But then, somewhat surprisingly, a few weeks later news broke that the cafe would once again open, this time with a new chef and menu. But now, a sign on the front door shows that it looks like the vegan-friendly spot has closed and any inquiries should be directed to a restaurant email.

Eater peered inside the space earlier this afternoon and the lights were off, chairs were on top of tables and there was no activity. A story on Wicker Park/Bucktown Insider's Guide said that staff had been told last Wednesday about the closure. An email to Earwax owner Cindy Murray has not yet been answered. The good news is that the clean and shiny Native Foods Cafe opened nearby this week so at least there are still vegan offerings in the area.
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Earwax Cafe

1561 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, IL