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Chicago Restaurants Ain't Cheap

french-laundry-check-sm.jpgPersonal finance site Bundle took a look at some of the most expensive restaurants in the U.S. and Chicago spots take five of the top 10 slots. Alinea lands at No. 4 with Charlie Trotter's, Tru, Les Nomades and Everest rounding it out. Moto comes in at No. 15. The only thing is that the list looks at the highest check average versus a per diner average so it's not completely telling. But it is interesting that the average check at Charlie Trotter's was $666. What's that say? Head over to Eater National for the full list. [~E~]

[Photo: arndog/Flickr]


1723 North Halsted Street, , IL 60614 Visit Website


676 N Saint Clair Street, Chicago, IL 60611 312 202 0001


425 South Financial Place, , IL 60605 (312) 663-8920 Visit Website

Moto Restaurant

945 W Fulton Street, Chicago, IL 60607 312 491 0058 Visit Website