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Grant Achatz, Friends Pay Homage to Now-Closed elBulli

Over the weekend, some of the world's top chefs joined maverick chef Ferran Adria for the final meal at Spain's elBulli, dubbed the Last Waltz. Adria helped pave the way for a number of groundbreaking chefs, including Alinea's Grant Achatz, with his experimentation with molecular gastronomy and showing rising chefs a new way to work with food.

Achtaz spent the week in Spain, helping celebrate Adria's innovation and culinary genius. Late Friday night, Achatz posted a video featuring a number of local chefs, including Curtis Duffy (Avenues), Dave Beran (Next), Jeff Pikus (Maude's Liquor Bar) and Andrew Brochu (EL), talking about what elBulli means to them and thanking Adria for all of his contributions to cooking. The video is just two minutes, but it captures lots of feelings, emotions and gratitude. Perhaps it's the Verve's "Bitter Sweet Symphony" playing in the background.

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Ferran Adria at the Last Waltz [Photo: AFP]