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Paula Deen Hops Into Bed With Walter E. Smithe

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Ok, we'll admit that the only thing this has to do with food is that Paula Deen is involved. The queen of all things fried and made with buttah just released an exclusive line of furniture with Walter E. Smithe. The local boys flew down to Deen's hometown in Savannah, Ga., to shoot a series of commercials earlier this summer and the first one started hitting TV today.

While the commercial isn't as exciting as some of the Smithe commercials in the past (they've done spots with Martha Stewart, paid homage to rock bands and more), Deen does crawl into bed with the brothers Smithe and at the end of the shot admits she thinks she screwed up a bit. What should be pretty funny are the extra outtakes that the company plans to post to its Facebook page in the coming weeks, so look for that. In the meantime, watch the first commercial.