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Pandel Bests Virant in First Boka Quickfire Competition

With approximately 100 people looking on, Chris Pandel (The Bristol) and Paul Virant (Perennial Virant) went head to head Monday night in the Boka Group's first-ever Quickfire Competition Series on Virant's home turf. The two chefs were set up with grilling stations on the Perennial Virant patio on a beautiful night. As the sun started to lower in the west, each chef was given 28-day dry-aged beef eye of round from Dietzler Farms and was allowed to select from a handful of surprise ingredients.

Pandel, winning the coin toss, grabbed kimchi, peanut butter and bacon; Virant went with PBR, Wonder bread and Velveeta cheese sauce. The chefs had an hour to prepare their dish and plate it up for the 100 guest judges—people who RSVPd to the free event. In the end, Pandel's dish of peanut-marinated eye of round, avocado, kimchee and bacon bits was the favorite over Virant's open-faced grilled eye of round, fennel kale slaw, grilled ranch Wonder bread, PBR and Velveeta sauce. Pandel will duke it out with another chef (it's rumored to be Stephanie Izard) sometime in the near future.
· Paul Virant, Chris Pandel to Duke it Out in new Quick Fire Competition Series

Virant and Pandel shake it out [Photo: Kate Bernot/The Feast]

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