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Kady Yon Leaves Boka Group to Head up Pastry Program at Schrager's Public Hotel

If thought last week saw the end of the big pastry news in Chicago, think again. Kady Yon, who has been the pastry chef for the Boka Restaurant Group's suite of restaurants, including Perennial Virant and GT Fish & Oyster, has left the company. Her last day with BRG was Saturday and she'll start sometime in August as the executive pastry chef for Ian Schrager's forthcoming Public Hotel.

Yon will oversee the pastry program for the entire hotel, which includes Jean-Georges Vongerichten's Pump Room, and will begin menu planning as soon as possible. Yon had a great experience with BRG, saying that working in the various kitchens with the different chefs was an amazing opportunity. She said signing on with Public will get her closer to fulfilling a personal dream. "I've always wanted to venture into a small hotel and one day I'd like to have my own hotel or B&B," Yon said. "I think this is a good road for me to take right now."

As for who will fill her role at BRG? Co-owner Kevin Boehm said they're currently talking to a few possible candidates.

Kady Yon [Photo: Boka]

The Pump Room

1301 N. State Parkway, Chicago, Illinois 60610 312 787 3700

Public Hotel

1301 N. State Pkwy, Chicago, IL